Tuesday, November 2, 2010

i love my....

my family

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Chloe singing Bestest Friends

Chloe was performing for me the other day. She sang a variety of songs that she made up on her own. Here's Bestest Friends.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hear Colby do his speech

Here's a little quick video of Colby during his speech session this week. They were going through the first set of flash cards. You might have to listen closely to hear him, so turn those speakers up! We are so proud of the progress he is making. Who knows, another couple months and he might be talking in sentences!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Speech update

Colby has been doing great at speech. His favorite thing is to do the flashcards. His therapist is really good with him. He has started saying so many more words now. It's great.

This past Monday, he showed her what he likes to do on my iphone. He showed her some of his flashcards that I have on there. Then he showed her how he likes to find pictures on the phone and place them in Disney frames. He's a smart little bugger. He can figure out how to navigate through the different apps.
The downside of having him on my phone, sometimes he makes some calls and I don't realize it.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Funny little man

When I dropped Sam off at school, I told him that I was going to watch him walk into his classroom. I said feel free to turn around wave to me and do a little dance if you want to.

He's so funny. He was in the gate, about half way up to his class. He turns around waves really big and then starts dancing. To make it even better, he brought his air guitar.

He's a funny little man. He didn't care who was there or who saw him.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

2010 First Quarter Earnings, Savings & Winnings

I thought I'd update each quarter of the year with my earnings from surveys, rebates, promo money & prizes I've received. It's going to be quite a long list! Now keep in mind, this list is just the things I've received since Jan 1-Mar 31, 2010. I have more I'm waiting for.

Rebates Totaling: $197.03
  • $40.00 Norton
  • $27.92 Ebates
  • $21.99 Rite Aid Jan SCR
  • $13.00 Hasbro Games
  • $31.98 Baby Einstein
  • $29.50 Rite Aid Feb SCR
  • $10.00 Rite Aid cards
  • $7.64 Fusion Razor
  • $15.00 Olay

Promo Money Totaling: $464.97

  • $400 ATT
  • $9.97 Amazon mag opt out
  • $10.00 Amazon Coinstar
  • $30.00 Swagbuck Amazon Cards
  • $10.00 Target Gift cards
  • $10.00 Build A Bear

Survey Payments Totaling: $86.05

  • $13.00 Panel Polls (nickelodeon)
  • $1.05 You Data
  • $40.00 Toluna (I can email you an invitation if you want to join)
  • $12.00 Pinecone Research (I can email you an invitation if they open more spots)
  • $20.00 Ipsos I-Say (I can email you an invitation if you want to join)

Still awaiting payments for Surveyhead & SurveySavvy

Oh, I have 1610 points at MyPoints. (If you want to join, let me know, I'll send you an invite)

Prizes Received: aprox retail value $525+

  • $10.00 Bunko
  • $20.00 Rite Aid Gift Cert
  • $10.00 Home Depot card
  • $15.00 Best Buy card
  • $18.00 Bare Escentuals blush
  • $5.00 cash (honey nut cheerios win)
  • $20.00 Pace picante/salsa coupons
  • $10.00 Barbie doll
  • $3.99 Jelly Bellys
  • $4.99 Oreos
  • $99.00 DJ Hero Wii
  • $30.00 Dockers
  • $28.00 Bare Escentuals foundation
  • $10.00 100 box tops
  • $28.00 Bare Escentuals Eye Cream
  • $49.99 Tag Reading System
  • $2.00? CSI notepad/pen
  • $178.00 OVO Cirque du Soleil tickets
  • $7.50 Kids movie ticket
  • $13.00 Gillette Venus gift set
  • $5? Cheer Laundry bag
  • $3 Kikkoman silicon bastin brush

House Party Kits

  • Digiorno Pizza Party Kit: coupons for pizza/breadsticks, necklaces, apron, cutter, magnet, etc.

Selling: $495.00

  • $55.00 Once Upon A Child
  • $440.00 Garage Sale

That wraps up our first quarter numbers. I think we did quite well!

August 1st I'll post our next quarter numbers. I doubt we will do as well, but I'll keep trying. Any little bit helps, right!?