Saturday, April 26, 2008

Let's meet the family!

Here we are in the hospital. Our first family snapshot together.


John is the daddy of our family.

Obviously, I'm the mama of the family.


Lexi is our oldest. She'll be turning 14 soon & will be entering high school next year. She's a good student and a boy-crazed teenager. We can always find Lexi either on her computer, in her room texting a boy, talking on the phone or watching tv. Lexi is a good big sister and a big help to me (whether she likes it or not).


Sammy turned four this year. He's a funny one. He loves to play with his cars (especially the ones from the Cars Movie), play the gameboy and loves to play outside. His favorite person to play with is his cousin, Quino. Sammy is our arts and crafts boy. He can play with playdough for hours at a time.

Sammy loves to hold Wookie and will kiss him numerous times a day. Sammy will lay by him on the floor or sit next to him while he is in the bouncy seat and just talk to him. It's really cute. Sammy also plays with Chloe really well. He's a good big brother to both of them.


Chloe turned two this year. She's our sweet little fiesty girlie. She likes to copy people. She will repeat the last two words that someone says. She's so cute, she will ride Sammys scooter around in the house, with her little butt sticking out (I'll have to take a picture of it, it's funny). She loves to play with her babies and her doll house. She enjoys teasing the boys (Sam and Quino) while they play their cars. She'll take their cars or mess them up and then run away. She likes to play with her cousin Isabella. She is one that also likes to hold Colby and give him kisses.


Colby is the baby brother. He is such a good baby.He's a sweet little guy. He's loved more than any other baby that I know of.

credits: frames from Acid Rain by Janel Kretschman


Lexi!! said...

Boy-crazed teenager. You got that right momma!!!

Anonymous said...

HI Racheal,

It's Jen (Deb's friend from high school). She just sent me your beautiful webpage of your very very cute family.

It's great to see all of you, and you sure have some cute kids.
Speaking of teenager crazy, my son Trevor who is 14 1/2 now and the same way. He even talks to me in Text language.
Can't believe we have kids that are almost in highschool.
Anyway congrats on your new baby boy.

Take care and God bless


Maryperri said...

Rachel, I love the "family" pictures. They are delightful.