Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Colby is a month old!

Colby is now one month old. This little dude is such a trooper! He has been through a lot. He started with somewhat of a traumatic birth experience. After the doctor broke my water, he realized that Colby was transverse. He then tried to turn him to the head down position, only to have Colby flip the other way to a breach presentation. With barely any fluid to turn in and being pushed super hard, I'm sure it didn't feel good for Colby . . . or for me!
Once he was born, Colby had a hard time breathing. Thank goodness for the good nurses and doctors who worked on him to help him out. He stayed in the NICU for just a few hours. Since his birth, Colby has had two well check appts, three urology appts and one appt to find out that he may be allergic to the formula we have him on. So now he's on Alimentum to see if that heals him up. Just the past week, he's been our little "itchy twitchy" boy. Apparently, milk allergies can cause colic. Oh, and to top it off, he has a bad case of infant acne and a cord stump that doesn't want to fall off!
Besides all of that, Colby is a good baby. He is loved by all of us. He likes to fall asleep as Lexi holds him. Just last night, she took him in her room, when I went to get him, he was sleeping on her chest while she watched tv in bed. The kids still love to hold Colby and will talk to him any time he is awake . . . and asleep! We are so thankful that we have Colby. I'm just hoping that the next month is less eventful for his sake . . . and mine!
Whoops, I almost forgot, I weighed him the other day. He's now 10 lbs. 11 oz. He's getting pretty big! He no longer fits in the 0-3 clothes sizes and he's almost in the size 2 diapers.
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Sagga02 said...

Hey Keston was on Alimentum for quite a few months. He is now on the next step up, since he was very rashy and still alletgic to milk proteins, since Alimentum has it in it, just is broken down. The new formula has none. (long story)
The colic is very true, but it could also be reflux, you might need meds for that. Feel free to message me!