Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sam vs. Bench

Yesterday, Sammy was walking to his room and decided to walk across our "time out bench". His foot went to close to the front of the bench, causing it to flip over forward. He fell with the bench, with him landing on the top and the back of the bench. It's a pretty heavy bench. On the front of the bench, it has routed edges, but not on the back.

After falling, he comes running & screaming. His arm & back are a tad scraped up, but it's his ear that paid the price. He has a gouge in the top of his ear. It bled for quite awhile. He cried for quite awhile.

Looks like the bench won this one. John thinks it's time to get rid of the bench. I'm thinking the monkey boy needs to quit climbing on the furniture.
Hmm, do you think that this will teach him not to walk on the bench? . . . . . me either!credits: Heather Roselli Playground kit

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Anonymous said...

Poor Sammy. He's a tuff little boy, so he should be ok with a scarred ear. I think you should keep the bench-big time!