Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

click here for credits click layout for full view. For some reason, it's not fitting. Figures, right!

Happy Valentine's Day! Since Lexi was little, we have always had a treasure hunt for her. At the end of the hunt, there is always a gift. This year, each will get a beanie baby (sure Lexi will be thrilled :roll eyes:), a bag of candy and something to add to their wardrobe. We got lounge pants for Lex, shirts for the boys and the cutest outfit for Chloe. I will be scrapping her in the outfit, for sure!

Tonight after the kids are in bed, John and I will cook a romantic dinner. We'll be enjoying filet mignons, mushrooms, red potatoes & salad while we eat by candlelight with some smooth jazz playing softly in the background. It was Johns idea. It'll be nice.

So, Happy Valentines Day from our family to you! I'm off to change a stinky diaper before everyone wakes up from the smell. (Colby is super potent since he eats all regular food now, no more baby food)! hmmm, was that too much information ?!

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Anonymous said...

Hope you have a really nice romantic dinner tonight. I just love the pic of the kids. Do you think you could get one for me, or send it to us, so Stan can print it off. The kids are sooooo cute in it.