Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sweet Shoppe blog challenge & a layout

First I'll start with the layout. This was a picture of Quino at the park about two years ago.

That's him in the various places on the playground. Makes me want to take the kids to the park and try it again.
Next is the blog quiz from Sweet Shoppe. It's just for fun, doesn't quite fit me.
You Are a Maverick
You're a restless rebel with an unpredictable nature.
Bright but unbridled, you tend to seek out wild experiences over new ideas.
People are frustrated by your great potential, but you love your unconventional life.
You're a heartbreaker. People get attached to you, and then you're gone.

Your strength: Your thirst for adventure

Your weakness: Not taking time for slow pleasures

Your power color: Hot pink

Your power symbol: Figure eight

Your power month: March">What Does Your Birth Date Mean?

1 comment:

Bethany said...

Oh I like that layout! Perfect for my scrapbooks!! :)