Sunday, March 29, 2009

A disappointing "Oh no, I won" and more of Twilight

John and Sam were taking turns playing a Mario game on the DS. Super Mario Bros, if you feel the need to know. Seems like they (meaning more John, than Sam) played every chance they could to get ahead. Then, one night, I look over at John playing. He looks at the game in disbelief, says in a disappointing voice, "Oh no, I won. The games over". At the time I thought it was funny. I thought, c'mon, give me a break, upset over winning a game and being finished with it.

I know that feeling now. I know the disappointment he felt. After a few days of reading Twilight every chance I got, I finished the book.

I started the next book by reading the preface and chapter at the end of Twilight. Oh my goodness . . . when I turned the page, hoping to find the start of the next chapter, all I found was the discussion questions. That's not what I wanted. Pure disappointment. I wanted to be able to keep on reading.

I need this book now! I even found myself dreaming about the story. How odd is that. It was like I have my own version going through my dreams at night. Could be due to reading the book right before bedtime. ;) Either way, I have fallen for this beautiful love story. Everyone was right, the book outshines the movie. The details of every scene are explained so well. You know the author does an outstanding job when you feel like you are in the scenes, like a fly on the wall, just watching everything take place. When all of the sudden, you are feeling what some of the characters are feeling.

Amazing story, amazing writing, amazing and intriguing characters. Love it love it love it!


Anonymous said...

I am currently reading twilight AGAIN! I have never ever done that with any book ever. Nathan re reads books all the time, but i never have. Goes to show how GOOD these books are. Just from reading the whole series and now coming back to the first book i am learning new things i missed the first time, or they make more sense to me this time. I just cant say enough about these books. They rock my world!!!
Keep reading!!
Yolanda :)

Anonymous said...

Now you know how I feel about the books. The way they are written really does make you feel the emotions so well and the love in them. Such a beautiful love story. Great dreams you must be having.!