Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sammy turned FIVE!

Sammy is five now! He had a very good birthday. He wanted everyone to go to bed early the night before so his special day would get here sooner. He woke up before 6:00 and the first thing he asked for was a present. Not surprising, really.

He opened up presents throughout the day. We give the kids their presents little by little throughout the day to make them last longer. Grammie, Papa & cousin Phoenix came over at lunchtime. Auntie, Quino, Garrett & Matthew spent the day with us. There was a lot of wii and ds playing going on that day. Sam has a few new games to play. After school time, we had a few more visitors: Isabella, Hollie, Tyler & Connor came to play.

Sam wanted “muffins” instead of cake,so we had chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting.
Sam had a good fifth birthday, emotional at times, but overall, it was good.

So, let’s think back when Sammy was just a baby. He was so cute. I’d post some details about his birth, but sadly, I didn’t really write anything down and some of it is such a blur to me. I know that Dr. Clare gave the OK to get the epidural as soon as I wanted (which was soon). I can remember that the epidural didn’t quite work. When you can feel everything and get up to walk right after, I’m pretty sure that’s a sign it was a dud.

credits: kit by Kay Miller
Anyway, Sammy was born pretty much on his due date, Feb 26th at 7:10 in the morning. He weighed in at 9 lbs. He looked like a little old man. He looked bald, but had the softest little white/yellowy/orange duck fuzz. Later that soft hair was replaced rather quickly with coarse hair. Since Sammy was 9 pounds, they checked his glucose levels every hour for a few hours. He would scream in the nursery when they had them. He screamed so much, we could hear him & eventually he went hoarse from screaming so much. His first few days at home, he barely had a voice to cry with. He was a good baby. When he would be held, he would just mold into whoever was holding him. He did this as he got older too. In fact, he wanted John to carry him to bed the night before his birthday. John picked him up and Sam just molded in.

credits: Kit by Kay Miller . I used a template and can't remember the name of the designer.

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