Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sweet Shoppe Blog Challenge

Image from here

For this weeks Sweet Shoppe blog challenge, we are talking about our favorite Girl Scout Cookies. They are in the purple box. They were called Samoas, but I'm not sure if they are called that or not anymore. I just call them the caramel ones. These ones don't last long in our house. Me and Lexi will finish off the box rather quickly. Of course, we only buy cookies from our favorite little Brownie, Isabella.


Anonymous said...

Those are our favorites too. Plus, she is our fav. little Brownie too. So cute.


Tracy said...

Samoas are my 2nd fav and I can eat a whole box at one time :)

Thanks for playing along!

Azrood said...

Mmmm. Those are so good and just looking at the picture makes me start to drool. My all-time favorite are the thin mints. Mmmm.