Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Twilight . . . immortality

After hearing rave reviews, I decided to watch Twilight. Oh my goodness, I love love loved it! I'll be starting the book series soon.
I love a good romance. Who knew that vampires were so hot? I'm trying to think if I have ever watched a vampire show . . . ummm, can't think of one off the top of my head. So if I had, it wasn't a very memorable one. Twilight on the other hand, will be very memorable.
I'm like Lexi, I didn't think Edward was attractive . . . til I saw this movie. I think it's more his character that's attractive to me.
I really liked whatever type of filter this movie had. I love the way the colors looked. Especially their pale skin and their pink lips.
My favorite vampire (to look at) would have to be James. My goodness he's good looking, especially in real life! Look him up, you will have to agree when you see more pictures of him!
On Nathans Blog, a web friend, he has a great posting on Twilight. That is what prompted me to write about it. Would I want to become immortal? I thought about this last night. I wouldn't want to be immortal. I think there are too many things that I want answered. I look forward to the day I die, when I can drift off to Heaven and get some questions answered. Mainly some whys. If I never died, my questions would continue to haunt me . . . forever. How depressing is that?!
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Anonymous said...

You HAVE to read the books and NOW!!!! Thats im sorry to say is when the obsession will start. The movie is shit compared to the books. I am in love with Twilight. And i have a HARD time picking if i like Edward or Jacob once i got into the 2nd and 3rd books. Read them so we can talk more on


Anonymous said...

I knew when you saw the movie you would want to read the books. They are so good. You will love them. I have all of them if you want to borrow them. Edward is my fav.


Bethany & Isabella said...

James is hot! You have to watch Never Back Down. He was really good in it..always plays the bad guy. I like a bad guy though!!!