Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Shopaholic takes Manhattan on to New Moon

I finished Shopaholic Takes Manhattan. It was a good book. Slow for the first part then it picks up. It was a quick read, just like the first book. Now when the movie comes out on dvd, I'll be able to rent it. I wanted to read the first two before seeing the movie.

I'm enjoying the slow romance of Becky and Luke. I'm hoping they get more into it during the next book. I plan on picking that one up after I finish New Moon. I'm alternating between the books while I wait on the Twilight ones.

Bethany, Lexi and myself (and now hopefully Nicole) are all taking turns reading the Twilight Saga. I started New Moon last night. As of right now, I'm a quarter into the book. I'm hoping to finish it tonight! I love it already. So good!
We have ordered the third book, Eclipse, the other day. We found someone selling them in paperback online. Can't wait!

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Bethany said...

I cant wait for the third book too!!! I love New Moon!