Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Colby has been one for awhile now.

It's about time I do a posting about Colbs. He turned one last month. I'm just a slacker bloggin mama.

Colby had a good birthday. He wasn't too much into his cake. I eventually had to give him a fork for him to try the cake.

He liked all of his presents . . . as did the other little kids, of course.

He is trying to walk now. He can take 4-5 steps on his own before he drops to crawl. His knees are pretty rough from crawling on the carpet. He crawls around on the floor and pushes the cars around.
He is getting two more teeth on the bottom. As of right now, he has six teeth on the bottom, eight teeth on the top and two extremely swollen gum spots. He's a funny boy. He loves to dance! He loves the music playing in the car, loves Lexi's ipod & her phone. He even loves to dance to ringtones. He doesn't really watch tv, which is nice, especially when all of the other kids are at school. I get a few hours of quiet . . . or enough time to catch up on some recorded shows.

He still takes two naps a day, which I love! He's a good napper. I just give him his blanket and put him in his crib and he lays down and falls asleep. Night times we not the same though. He likes to sit on Johns lap to fall asleep, but I am now in the process of breaking them both of that little bonding time.

I guess that's it for now.

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Anonymous said...

He's such a cute little guy. So glad I can say he's my littlest grandkid.