Thursday, July 9, 2009

One of our beauties

Bethany came over and took some pictures of Lexi. You know, Lexi, she loves to get her picture taken . . . especially when she's all dooded up!

Anyway, these turned out so pretty, I just had to share!
Look, the top right one is Lexi without glasses. She's just about at that age for me to start considering letting her wear contacts.


Nathan Pralle said...

A lovely daughter you have! And without the glasses looks good, but then again, with the glasses has that chic "Tina Fey" thing going on. The sort of smart-and-sophisticated beauty. So I think either way works nicely.

Bethany said...

I just love these pics. Lexi is so pretty!

Julia G said...

My mom let me get contacts when I was in grade eight... wonderful mom! My glasses were such a pain, as my eyesight's quite poor.
You have a beautiful daughter, glasses or no!

Anonymous said...

She is just so georgous. The guys will be after her for sure next year at high school.

Love, Mom