Monday, January 18, 2010

Scrambling the uno cards

Chloe can be so funny sometimes. Sam pulled out his Uno cards that he bought from our "*family store"*. He started stacking the cards up and Chloe asked him in amazement, "You know how to scramble cards now"? hmm, makes me wonder if she thinks I shuffle the eggs for breakfast.

*The family store is just that. The little kids earn tickets when they do what they are asked or if we see them playing nicely together without us telling them to. Then when we think it's time, we pull out a big box of goodies for them to trade their tickets in for. They look forward to the store. Sam is really good at counting his tickets and figuring out how many more he would need for something.

This past shopping trip for them, Chloe couldn't find her purse with the tickets in it. Sam was such a nice big brother that he split his tickets with her. Awe, how sweet, right?!

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