Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Well hello there pretty lady!

This is a special little hello to a special new reader of our blog. Isabella! Not only has she been looking and reading the blog lately, she's been leaving some comments! Everyone say hi to Isabella. In case you don't know, Isabella is my niece. :)

I'm thinking I may need to see if we can set her up a blog if she'd want one. What do you say, Isabella, do you want a blog so we can leave comments on yours?


Anonymous said...

If her Mama would only update hers, then that would be great. Maybe Isabella can take care of Mommies blog.? She is a pretty girl.


Nathan Pralle said...

Hi to you, Isabella!

Auntie Debie said...

I think Isabella should. We can hear what she is learning in school and all her fun activities.

Anonymous said...

Thank you auntie Rachel for putting that on there!! I really really really want my own blog so so so so so so so so bad!!!!!!!!!!! I do this everyday after school but fist i do my homework!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bye!