Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Nail Biter

Most everyone knows that Lexi is a nail biter. She wants to get acrylic nails put on. So, she has been trying to stop biting them, key word is trying. She started biting them today and I told her to stop. Of course, her first response like usual was, "I wasn't". Lexi always has an excuse for everything. Her excuse was too funny for this one,
"I was just itching my tooth".
Only Lexi could have a tooth that itches!
I can't wait til she comes in late after curfew (when she's allowed to start dating) to hear what excuses she'll have then. I can only imagine.

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Anonymous said...

You are so right. Only Lexi could come up with an excuse like that one. Should be interesting for you to hear some of the other ones in the future. Like, "I had to stay after for art class....."

Have fun.