Saturday, July 5, 2008

Colby is Three months!

credits: Goin Bananas by Mary Fran (Nit Wit Collections), stitches: Dani Mogstad

Colby is three months now! He's getting to be so big, almost 16 pounds. He smiles a lot. He reaches up for his toys and has grabbed a hold of them a couple of times. Oh, one of the most important milestones . . . he laughed! It was only once and it was pretty quick, but it was the cutest thing. Like any mama that just heard her baby laugh for the first time, I've tried to get him to laugh again, but no such luck. In this layout, you can sort of see his dimples. Like Chloe, he has one dimple that is bigger . . . or deeper than the other.


Anonymous said...

So cute. He reminds me so much of Chloe when he smiles, but looks so much like Sam too. He's the cutest little "tank" I've ever seen.

Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Ohh my! You have such beautiful children. Love the photos and your pages. I'm enjoying your blog. Glad that I found you through DST.

mrscwooddell said...

What cuties you have! Love the page you scrapped and that baby grin!

Victoria said...

Every milestone is amazing as kids grow up, but laughing is one of my favorites! Super cute layout! :)

ScrapShana said...

awww, congrats on the milestone! such a cutie he is!!

Len said...

Oh wow, this is so precious! He's so cute! Thanks for your comment on my blog. I will be back :)