Sunday, July 13, 2008

Six month dental appointments

Last week, Sam and Chloe had their six month dental cleanings. We drive about an hour and a half to get to their dentist. Yep, he's THAT good. He's a kids dentist, the same one I went to.

Sam wanted to go first. He wasn't going to be brave and not cry. But, he did. He cried and screamed more than any other kid I had ever seen . . . or heard. After throwing a fit during the cleaning, we found out that he had a tiny cavity that needed filled. It only took four people to hold on to him. He managed to kick off both of his shoes and socks during it all. I did feel bad for him, though. It wasn't hurting him, just scaring him. Thank goodness the dentist had time to do it right then so I didn't have to bring Sam back. I'm thinking the next cleaning in six months will be a joy. I've already told John that he's going to that one!

Chloe was next and she was a total Pro! She's so funny. When they asked her a question, she would whisper the answer (actually it was barely even a whisper). If you didn't see her move her mouth, you probably would've thought she didn't answer. So I tell her she needs to speak up a little so she repeated her answer in another whisper, just slightly louder. She let them take the x-rays, clean, floss and fluoride without a tear or cry.

They both got to pick out prizes from the toy chest. Chloe helped herself to four things, Sam three. At least they were happy leaving!

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