Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Attack of the giant flies

Well, not really. Just one. It wasn't a giant one either. Just a regular old housefly.
The kids were playing outside, giving me a much needed break. At first when "the fly" was spotted, Sammy would roar at it. I'm not sure if flies have ears, but I guess that one did.
It was time for the fly to attack back. I heard screaming. I looked up and saw Sammy, his eyes and mouth open as wide as they could be, screaming in terror. He saw a fly! Aaahhh, how scary, a FLY!
Needless to say, he rushed into the house. He was finished playing outside for the day, darn.
As horrible as it sounds, I laughed. I thought his face was so funny and to think he was screaming about a fly. A tiny little fly. Where's the plastic bubble when he needs one?
By the way, I've typed "fly" so much that now the word sounds weird. Ever have that happen?

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thumper6423 said...

I shouldn't laugh, but I can so relate. I once had to stop the car on the interstate because a fly had gotten into the backseat and my son who was 3 at the time was screaming bloody murder. He's still afraid of flies.