Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Colby is Four Months

Colby is now four months old. He's growing so fast! He's now over 17 pounds (I have the aching back to prove it)! He's a happy baby boy who loves his big brother. He lights up when the kids talk to him. He has found his feet. I finally started him on rice cereal the other day. I kept putting it off, due to my laziness. I knew that once I started him, I'd have to feed him it everyday. Isn't that horrible?! But, he's eating it now and he loves it. He's a pro at eating from a spoon. Maybe he'll be my clean boy when it comes to eating.

Colby has a cute laugh. It sounds like it comes from the back of his throat. He squeals and his arms go flaying when he's excited. He's so funny. He keeps an eye on me. If I'm vacuuming, he'll watch me the entire time. I like to say that he's the president (and maybe the only member) of my fan club. I'll enjoy it while it lasts!
credits: Goin Bananas by Mary Fran of Nitwit Collections

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Anonymous said...

So cute Rachel. I need one I can print out.

Love, Mom