Friday, August 1, 2008

A new do for Chloe, Tot time for Sam, Mannequin for Lex & Laughs for Colby

This afternoon, Chloe got a much needed hair cut. She is too cute! I'll try to get the pictures uploaded tomorrow and post the before and after.

She's proud of her new do. She's the "new girl in town". She loves that song from Hairspray, so it's fitting for us to sing it to her and of course, she loves it.

Sam and I went to City Hall today to register him for a Tiny Tots program. I signed him up for two months worth. I figure about two weeks will be enough time to figure out if he does well there . . . and to see if they will want him back!

He is very excited about "going to school". We're going to go and pick him up a lunch box . . . or should I say bag, they don't really have too many "boxes" out there nowadays.

Lexi dyed her mannequin heads hair the other day. She's enjoying practicing different hairstyles on it. She's going to be a great cosmetologist if she follows through with her plan.

And finally, a little blurb on Colby . . . or "Wook" as Sammy has been calling him. He is laughing more, kissing more, hugging more and pulling out more hair of ours. More on him coming up for his FOUR months layout page in a few days.

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Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see a pic of Chloe's new hairdo. I bet she looks so cute.

Love, Mom