Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Chloe and Sammys future

I was doing little interviews with the little kiddos the other day. I plan on making a scrapbook layout with the interviews, but my laptop is back at HP getting a new network adapter card . . . or something like that. So, my lifeline is gone for now.

Anyway, I thought I'd share with you a little from their interviews.

Mom: When you are older, do you want to get married?
Sammy: NO, never
Mom: No wife?
Sammy: uh-uh, nothing, not me
Mom: Do you want to be a Daddy?
Sammy: yes
Mom: How many kids do you want?
Sammy: 40,000. I mean 60 hundred. No, not that many. I want 20. 20 kids.

So I guess my boy doesn't want to get married, just spread his seed around. Hmmm, should I be worried now or later??

Mom: Do you want to be a mom when you grow up?
Chloe: yes (giggles) I'm gonna be a mama.
Mom: Do you want to have babies?
Chloe: yep, but not in my tummy
Mom: How many babies?
Chloe: Five
Mom: Do you want to get married?
Chloe: yep, by a cow and it will lick me
Mom: Who do you want to marry?
Chloe: Daddy.

It was cute (the daddy answer). So, this child of mine wants to either have a surrogate or adopt five babies, get married in a pasture of cows (or maybe she's thinking a barn) and marry her dad.

There was one more question that I asked her:

Mom: Do you like to wear pants or dresses?
Chloe: dresses, then bras

I couldn't help but think of Mrs. Stimler,the secretary on Splash. Eeee eee eeee (that was mermaid talk) I can't say Splash without saying Daryl Hannahs name in mermaid.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, those answers are so funny. I love them. You have just got to make sure you write them down or scrapbook them.

Too cute.