Friday, February 6, 2009

Colby 10 months old

Our cute baby boy is now 10 months! Eeek, he's growing up fast. I say this too often, but - time sure does fly by fast.

Colby is a fun baby. He's a fast crawler. He's a furniture cruiser. He has eight teeth. He has experienced his first buzz cut. He survived five nights in a row without his mama and daddy. He has a super cute giggle. He is a picky eater. He refuses to eat baby food. He likes to eat a banana like big people. He hates getting his diaper changed. He's a little stinker. He's our big baby with the prettiest blue eyes and the cutest smile.

Bethany took some pictures of Colby today for me. He is not very cooperative. For some reason, he doesn't like to just sit there and smile. I'm sure it has to do something with his age, ya think?!

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