Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Picky Picky, Pinkalicious

I made pot roast, carrots, mashed potatoes & gravy for dinner. I know, yum, right?! You would think that everyone in my family would just love this all American classic meal. But no, not my family! It's only taken John YEARS to finally enjoy it. Lexi likes it OK. Sam ate the bread. Chloe ate the roast and bread and Colby, well he spit out all of the food I was giving him. I'll feed him and immediately both hands fly up to his mouth. His tongue pops out with all of his food on it and his little fingers pick off every piece. Picky Picky! I love a good pot roast meal. What's wrong with them?

Now on to the Pinkalicious. Bethany bought Chloe the Pinkalicious book. I read it tonight to Sam and Chloe. It is super cute! Both Chloe and Sam loved it! Now I'm going to have to get the Purplelicious book.

I looked up the Pinkalicious book site and found links to fun little stuff that I can do with the kids. They will love it! You should check it out!

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Monique said...

OOoh thanks for the book review and site link, I've been wondering if I should get that book for my DD. Great blog!