Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Another one sick & rainbow

Now it's Chloe's turn. She's now the sicky one. She has a cold, I think. Fever, runny nose, sneezing, lounging on the couch and a lot of whining and tears. Poor little feisty thing. She can't stand when anyone looks at her, touches her or talks to her. Makes for a really fun day.

Colby seems to be doing much better. He's in a much better mood. At least I know his medicine is working. He is teething again. Big huge swollen gums where the molars are trying to peek out. Ouch, looks painful!

This pic was taken this morning in the car waiting to drop off Sam at preschool. Chloe stayed home today to relax.
Lexi was over at her friends today. She sent this picture to us on her phone.

I haven't mentioned Lexi lately, but yes, she still exists. I just try to give her more privacy on this blog.

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Well I hope I still exist