Monday, March 2, 2009

Johns Birthday & Sick Bubbas

Big daddy John had a birthday too. He is now 36. Whoo, that’s getting up there! We gave him his gifts, which he was excited to open.

Even though it was his special day, we had to devote some time to Colby and take him to the doctors. Poor little Bubbas has ear infections in both ears and eye infections. He looked fine the day before. I can always tell when he has an ear infection, his eyes get nasty. Poor baby was miserable. He had a cold for about a week along with a cough, but that was mainly at night.
The night before we took him in, he had a really hard time sleeping. Too many boogies!
Poor Sick Bubbas!

After a few doses of his medicine (Augmentin) this time, he seems to be getting better. This is the third set of ear infections in three months.

While we were gone to the doctors, Lexi made John his cake and cleaned up the house for him. We brought dinner home for the adults (us, Lexi, Bethany, Omar & Gilbert). John chose Olive Garden. Excellent choice! I can’t stand pasta, but I love their five cheese marinara sauce.
Overall, I know John had a good birthday and he loved all of his gifts. I'm hoping to post some pictures of John! Check back tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

Poor Colby, I hope he's feeling better soon. He's such a sweet little guy. Poor baby.

Love, Mom/Grammie