Monday, March 16, 2009

Spur of the moment quick weekend trip

We decided to head up to Johns parents house over this past weekend. Knowing Chloe got car sick the last time we went, we gave her the Bonine beforehand. We made it up there without her getting sick. We just had Sammy whining that he did not want to go.

It's a long quick trip, really. At least four hours with a lot of the time going through windy mountain roads. To top it off, it was windy. Hmm, are windy and windy spelled the same . . . or should one of those be windey?? Anyway, you know what I mean . . . I hope.

We left on Friday, arrived late Friday evening. Everyone stayed up too late, of course. Saturday we headed to Reno, bought Mamma Mia soundtrack on the way. Grandparents bought Chloe sandals and Colbs some tennis shoes. Sam couldn't find any he liked. He just wants flip flops from Old Navy. Sure makes it easy for me!

So we headed for home on Sunday. Not even a half hour out, Chloe threw up. Yuck! It was pretty gross. Many hours later, we made it home only to decide that we are not going on any road trip (with the kids) for a long time!

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Bethany & Isabella said...

Poor Chloe! I second that no road trip with the kids for a long time. Anything over an hour is too long!