Thursday, March 19, 2009

Well checks tomorrow

Sam and Chloe have their well check appointments tomorrow. Should be fun. I never know how Chloe is going to react these days. She's been on the emotional, fiesty, I expect to have things my way side lately. When I say they are going to the doctors, she answers back that they are not going to shot her. So, hopefully, this time, there won't be any.

We have to get the paperwork filled out for Sams kindergarten registration. WooHoo! He's been a tad bored at preschool lately. I think he needs more hours and more days . . . sometimes I think I need the more hours and days for Chloe.

Since Sam turned five last month, he seems so much older. They both have seemed to change some. Chloe talks more (only when she wants to). I don't know how to describe Sam, his conversations seem to have grown up with him, but really quickly.

Anyway, tomorrow should be fun. I'm going to ask the doctor to look into Colbys ears real quick too. We have a super de dooper doctor!

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