Monday, April 13, 2009


Today I was listening to Sammy and Quinos conversation as they ate lunch.

Quino: When you get to kindergarten, you have to count to 100
Sammy: Oh wow, will someone help me?
Quino: No, everyone just does it.
Sammy: I can count to 29, but that's it.
Quino: yeah, that's not 100 though.
(long pause)
Sammy: You know, 21 is such a big number. It's so scary, too.
Quino: Why, it's just 12 but backwards. A two and a one.
Sammy: Then 21 is not so scary anymore.


Anonymous said...

They are like two little old men talking to each other. Funny!


Bethany said...

Such little nerds!!