Saturday, April 11, 2009


Like Lexi, I'm going to answer the question from Nathan.

What one thing should we as modern humans fear the most and why?

I've thought about this one for a few days. Is it fear itself? Is it the unknown? Is it life altering tragedies? Is it the loss of ones identity? Is it the loss of everything that ever meant something to the person? Is it the loss of their integrity? I'm not exactly sure. Is there a "right" answer to this kind of question?

When I woke up this morning, I thought about the question again and here's what popped into my head. *By the way, tomorrow morning, I might have a different answer, so I'll just be posting todays thought*

As modern humans, the thing we should fear the most would be the loss of the internet. Not that it would happen, but what if. Shoot, I don't even know if it could, really.

What if the World Wide Web did not, could not exist anymore? No more internet. As a modern society, the internet is everywhere. It's the first place I check for the news, not only local news but countrywide, worldwide news. There is so much information on this favorite "highway" of ours. Without it, we would be lost. Where would Lexi get her celebrity gossip fix and John get all of his sports news/scores all at once? We'd be back to relying on tv stations, newspapers, telephone calls and even back to the snail mail.

C'mon, you all have had a glitch in your internet service at one time or another. For a split second, you may experience a twinge of panic. Oh no, the internet's not working. You click a dozen times, open - close, open - close. You check the modem, the connection, calling the provider to check on the status of outage, even calling someone to see if their connection is out. You know the feeling. Can you imagine if we lost the internet all together? Couldn't even head to a neighbors driveway to snag their connection or if a little "borrowing" isn't your thing, heading to a free wifi location to hook up.

So, I think the thing modern humans should fear the most is the loss of the internet, our super information highway, our link to the information of the past and present. For most of us, our shopping cart, our mail box, our own personal bill payer, our social network.

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