Monday, June 15, 2009

Chunky Nuts

Sammy came into our room yesterday to tattle on Chloe. Apparently, she double dipped. I asked Chloe what they were eating. She paused a little, then said "chunky nuts".

What's her version of chunky nuts, you might ask? Why, it's peanut butter of course! She double dipped with her spoon. Not to worry, though, we bought new peanut butter last night. We won't keep something that has been double dipped in, that's just gross!

I love when my kids come up with new names for common things. It's always the best when they can't remember what something is called. Sam used to call fruit punch, fun pooch. Chloe has referred to a soft taco as a soft tico. As for Colby, everything is either mmm, aaaa or dun dun dun. We know the dun dun dun is shut the gate. The aaaa is when he is calling someones name. The mmm is just about everything else. Go figure. I'm pretty sure one day he'll really talk.

*Colbys eyes are getting red again, looks like another ear infection in the works,*

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