Monday, June 22, 2009

It's just Chloe

Bethany photographed Chloe for me the other day. She looked too cute in Lexi's old dress. She had the cutest little pig tails, little corkscrews and all.
Last night, I was reading books to the kids in Chloe's room. Colby was in there walking around playing with all of the girlie stuff. I smelled something nasty. So, naturally, being totally disgusted, I asked the kids, did one of you fart? They both say no. Then Sammy says, It's just Chloe, she's a girl so she always stinks. Chloe jumped quickly to her defense saying boys are the stinky ones.

It was Colby. He let off a little stinkbomb.


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So cute. Just like her big sister.

Love, Grammie