Monday, June 29, 2009

Two new posts today! I better slow down

My second post of the day, that's a hint for you to read the next posting about Lexi's birthday.

Top Gun was on TV the other day. I was sitting with Chloe on the couch watching part of it.

Here's a little of our conversation:

Mom: ooo, he's a cute boy, isn't he?
Chloe: Mama, you have a daddy boyfriend.
Mom: I have a husband, but he still can be cute. Don't you think so?
Chloe: (silly grin) no
a few minutes in silence go by . . .
Chloe: (silly grin again) yes Mama, actually, I do!

Silly little girlie, who doesn't think Tom Cruise was cute in the Top Gun era? Even though he might be an odd duck now, he still passes as a good looking guy, even as he has aged.

Can you believe that John has never seen Top Gun? I won't even tell you what I think aout that!


Nathan Pralle said...

The way to convince John of watching it is to pipe the movie through your sound system and then crank it up until the windows shake on that opening sequence -- that'll get his attention! :) We always used that to test new stereo systems. If they could take that abuse of those jets taking off, then they'd last through anything else.

Cortney Charisma said...

MY John has watched it so many times the DVD died. MY John has the WHOLE SOUND TRACK MEMORIZED...and CHOREOGRAPHED