Monday, June 29, 2009

Lexi is 15!

Lexi celebrated her 15th birthday a few weeks ago. I'm just now getting the pictures on the computer, figures, I'm such a slacker.

We gave her a camera (which we have already returned, the quality of the pictures were horrible)! She mainly received clothes and books, both her favorites. Chloe and I ordered her a Princess Belle cake the day of her birthday. It was cute and lasted a few days.

Lexi went to Red Robin that night with her friends and then they came back and watched a movie. Earlier that day, I made her a jello cake and lemon squares. The kids all ate the jello cake, the lemon squares didn't last long enough for them to even try one!

Did you know back when I was ready to deliver Lexi, the bay area was experiencing a huge heat wave? How's that for a little tidbit of unusable knowledge for you?!

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Nathan Pralle said...

Happy Birthday, Lexi -- late! :) Always a good lookin' gal. (And congrats to you, mamma!)