Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Been Readin'

Since I finished the Twilight books in April, I started reading other books. I hadn't read a book in so long that I think I forgot how much I like to read. So, Bethany gave me a whole bunch of books to read.

Nicholas Sparks books are now my favorite!
Love them! I read:

The Lucky One
The Choice
Dear John
The Wedding
The Guardian
Nights in Rodanthe
A Bend in the Road
The Rescue
A Walk to Remember
Message in a Bottle
The Notebook

Next I moved onto the Shopaholic books. Three down, a few more to go. I have to buy Shopaholic and the sister one before I can start the one sitting on my desk. I hate reading them out of order . . . so I just won't do it!

Then I read two of Jodi Picoult's books: My Sister’s Keeper & Change of Heart.

I still have more of her books to read before I give them all back to my sister. I can't pick a favorite out of all of those. Once I start picking, then I think of another one that maybe I liked better. So, this year, I have read 20 books! That number does not include the many night time story books that I have read to the kids.


Nelle said...

If you liked Twilight, there are quite a few more in the genre questionably called Urban Fantasy. Most are just fantastical elements set in modern times. A series I would highly recommend is the Mercy Thompson books by Patricia Briggs. The first is titled Moon Called.

RachelV said...

Thanks Lea, I'll be looking into those!

Bethany & Isabella said...

Me too! Thanks Lea!