Monday, July 6, 2009

The Best Life?

As I read the first topic for the "Blog-Off for Babies", I was dreading it. Just seeing Oprah's name pop up just about did me in. Needless to say, I'm not a fan. Most people probably know about Oprah's Best Life series. I did not. So, I started to look it up, but for the life of me, I couldn't stop myself from hitting that darn red X to close her out. But, the post isn't supposed to be about Oprah, so I'll move on.

I've struggled with this post. What would I consider the Best Life and am I living it? That's so tough for me. It shouldn't be and maybe for the average person it isn't, but hey, who ever said I was average . . . OK, probably me. Maybe that's my problem?!

The best life (to me) might consist of:
Physically: being at a healthy weight, looking my prettiest all of the time, having a clear complexion (all that really vain mumbo jumbo), eating healthy foods

Financially: debt free, assets, college funds for the kids, orthodontia savings, emergency food supply, retirement

Emotionally: positive self-esteem, good relationships, good-stable marriage, not carrying around any extra emotional baggage, confidence, educated in a variety of areas (I'm not sure that falls under emotional, just pretend it does)

It's hard for me to think of "Best Life". I will live the life I deserve. What I put into it is what I will get out of it. I do not think I have the Best Life, nor am I living the best life. That being said, I don't think anyone really does.

I think Life is a like a game. It's all about choices and consequences. I know that if I was employed, I would be able to have a more secure future and not necessarily be living paycheck to paycheck. I know that by exercising (which I have been - yay me) will help me inch my way to a healthier weight for myself, but it's that darn healthy eating I have a problem with. I know that I could lose some of that excess emotional baggage I carry around with me if I went to see a therapist, but they cost money and that's not what I want to spend my money on right now. Uh-oh, my life is full of buts. But, (here's one more) what's more important to me than all of the steps to obtain the best life is that I know I love my husband and my kids. Seeing them happy, keeps me happy. I know that they love me unconditionally, just the way that I am. Hmmm, maybe I am living the best life in some ways. Even if I'm not, I'll just keep on living a good, content life.

I appreciated being able to think about what would make up the best life. I plan on making up a list of things that I'd like to accomplish in my lifetime, both short term and long term. Will I ever share it on this blog? Probably not, but you never know!


Stacey Thomas said...

Rachel you're such a sweetie. You make everyone's lives you touch a step closer to the "best life". I enjoyed your article on this subject very much.

courtney said...

You sound like me. If only I did this... if only I did that... one day we'll get it right!

Nelle said...

Glad to hear I'm not the only one who shuddered at the name of Oprah in this challenge! And how annoying is that website about not getting you to a definition of what her series is about?

Nathan Pralle said...

I apologize for the aversion to Oprah, but at the same time, I think the essence of the question could be derived even if you didn't know who she was and couldn't find anything about it -- and I'm not that fond of her, either. It just happens to be background noise in my house more often than not, so I hear things. :)

Rachel, you always make me think, and you're quite right when it seems that we all build for ourselves a list and then all the excuses marked into it. And sometimes I wonder -- do I make excuses because I'm lazy, or because I have a really good reason for not wanting to do something, and I just can't admit it? I hate to think that somewhere deep down inside I really LIKE being overweight, but...why do I keep making excuses if I don't really want it to be that way?

Good luck with your list and your own journey; it appears that you're thinking a lot about it, and I think that's the most admirable quality of all.

Bethany & Isabella said...

zzzzzzzzzz oh I am sorry, I must have dozed off! LOL!

RachelV said...

Totally, right! LOL

Maybe I should've made that a goal with this post, see how many people I could put to sleep . . . or least how many had to check out during it.

Julia G said...

I like that you break up the concept of "best life" into emotional, physical and financial needs - those are certainly areas everyone struggles with. Life is complicated, and a "best life" isn't easily defined!
I think you're on the right track, though, putting your priorities with people and health rather than material goods. It's so easy to get caught up in the "have-nots" and even more tempting to blame someone else when you place yourself in that category.
Good on you for taking ownership and working toward what you consider your best life!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your thoughts - I really enjoyed reading them.

You really made me think about all the excuses that I make in my life about why I might not have the "best life." Anything is possible if we put our minds too it. I wonder what holds us back?