Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Blog off #2

Week 2 topic for Blog off for Babies:
You are allowed, through the miracles of science, to travel into the past for a span of no more than 24 hours. You are allowed to take with you ONE piece of current modern technology with which you may change the lives of ONE family that you can visit during your stay. Assuming that there are no long-term, widespread disastrous outcomes from this altering of the timeline, when and where would you go, what piece of technology would you take with you to leave with them and why, and what do you think the experience would be like?

You must choose a time of at least 1909 or earlier to return to. You must be able to physically carry or roll the item along with you. Be aware that it has to actually work with the other resources they have – IE: they won’t have the Internet, so email isn’t going to work. Etc.

I thought about this quite a bit. I thought, I could take a digital camera to a family that would be arriving in Ellis Island to have them capture the past (not that they would benefit, but they could pass that camera along to family members to save for the future). I could load up my laptop with stories of the Holocaust and warn a Jewish family. But, I'm taking an easier route. One that will boost up a couples marriage.

I'd travel back to 1900, you pick the family. Any married couple will be glad that I showed up. After all, I'm bringing with me electric razors. Not just any razors . . . I'm bringing the Norelco bodygroomer for men and the Bliss bikini shaver for women.
Electric razors were invented in 1928. Just imagine how happy the couple would be to have these little gems earlier than everyone else. Obviously, these are updated products geared towards "manscaping" and "ladyscaping".

I don't care what year you live in. No one really wants that burly beast lying next to them in bed. The sasquatch look is out and I doubt it was in back in 1900. I would show up and tell them that it was time to tame that hairy beast! I'd whip out those razors and their faces would light up (after the initial embarrassment while thinking to themselves "how'd she know"?).

The outcome of my gifts and visit would be a new found interest in one another. In fact, I wouldn't doubt it if my visit would help populate the world by one more kiddo.

I wouldn't take these items back with me. They have electricity so they can just keep them for future use. I really wouldn't want to bring them back with me . . . that would be gross and totally unhygienic!


nicole said...

I needed that laugh, thanks!

courtney said...

I'm totally laughing about how so far, all of our entries have been delightfully inappropriate. Awesome.

Julia said...

I know nothing about these razors... good luck convincing the chosen couple to use them! :)
Too funny.

Nathan Pralle said...

Bravo! Absolutely grand, and not the person I thought would come up with this sort of topic. Very well done indeed! Manscaping before 1900....ha!

Erin said...

excellent choice!