Friday, July 10, 2009

Don't BS a BSer

Who doesn't love Jane Lynch?!

The characters she plays are the best. I remember first seeing her in Sleepover, but with Sean Faris playing the cute high school boy, how quickly I forgot she was in it.

*I know this picture wasn't from Sleepover, but I had to post this steamy one for all of us to enjoy*

Getting back to Ms Lynch . . . She is such a great actress. I am looking forward to Glee this fall. I watched the pilot since she was in it and loved it! She was super funny in The 40 year old Virgin, but was even funnier in Role Models.

There are lots of funny lines from her in Role Models, but my favorite is when she tells the boys "Don't BS a BSer".

Be sure to check out what my sister Bethany has to say about Jane on her blog, Gurrola Gossip.

I'll leave you with this sound bit I found online :


Bethany & Isabella said...

LOL! I love that part! Thanks for the pic of Sean Farris...I need that in poster size!

Bethany & Isabella said...

Now I cant stop laughing!!!