Thursday, November 19, 2009

I'm entering left and right

I'm entering sweepstakes and contests, that is. I'm bound to win something (other than the free bottle of Pace Picante Sauce coupon). Yep, I'll even take a free item coupon. I'm not picky :).

I would love to win the Philosophy grand prize! Or hey, I'd love for you to win it and buy me something. I'm just about of my Baby Grace perfume.

Or, I'd be happy winning the $10,000 bailout plan from Overstock!

I also signed up for some more survey sites and search finding. Love it when I get a couple extra dollars in my paypal account!

I am now using Swagbucks. I've been using it about a week and have accumulated 13 swagbucks. You can trade your swagbucks in for gift cards. I use the search engine, which is google and It's not the greatest, so if I don't find what I am looking for, I go back to my google search bar.

When I have enough, I'm going to use mine for either an card or for an Amazon gift card. Check it out, I saved a print screen of my latest winning:
So, you can't really see my name, but it says it, trust me.

I also signed up for YouData. Super easy. I signed up, took a few surveys and now every once in a while, I will click on ads which open up a store website. Then I get paid for doing it! I'm not going to get rich by doing it, but a couple of cents and dollars adds up over time.

Another thing I signed up for yesterday is the Kelloggs Pop Tart Sprinklings.
My kids and John love pop tarts. This program is supposed to send you freebies and coupons. Can't beat that!
Maybe I'll have a post tomorrow with something about the kids. Something more interesting. :)

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