Friday, December 4, 2009

Flies, flies and more flies

I hate flies! After having the door open so long the other night with Colby and the garage door being opened by the kids, we have too many flies in our house. How many is too many? One or more, of course.

I haven't been able to catch this batch of flies. I'm guessing we have at least four right now. Flies are just gross.

Chloe is usually our bug catcher. That's just gross too. Even she hasn't smashed any of these ones. John tries to catch them in his hand. That's even more gross. Apparently, he is like my dad. Catching flies in men's hands is somewhat of an unspoken sport, I guess. Just gross.

I need a fly swatter, but I think those are just gross also. Can you imagine my kids with one of those? Ewww, Gross!


Anonymous said...

Its because you havent tried catching them in your hand.
love you

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the fly swatters that look like tennis rackets, but have an electric current built in so you don't have to squash them?

RachelV said...

I forgot all about those kind. I'll have to look into it, thanks!

Thankfully, it's getting so cold the flies are not moving too well.