Thursday, December 3, 2009

Lil bit of trauma, lil bit of drama

Poor Colby. The other night, he decided to try to climb up the oven. Usually it's locked, but this time it wasn't. Thank goodness John had already anchored it down so the whole thing doesn't tip. Anyway, he went to climb up it, the door fell open. He fell flat on his back. My first instinct was to close the oven door to get to him to pick him up.

Well . . . as I was shutting the door, his toes were underneath it in between the bottom drawer and the oven door. John saw that and I immediately stopped. His toes were stuck. If I tried to close it, it pinched them, if I tried to go the other way, it pinched them. After a few minutes of frantically trying to figure out how to get them out, we called 911. While we waited for help to arrive, Sammy was very upset. He kept screaming, " Colby is going to die! I don't want Colby to die! Help him"!

We thought the fire dept was coming but they dispatched the EMT's. Once they arrived, they called in for the fire department. They couldn't see how to get his toes out either. Colby was able to get all of his toes out except his big one (and it is big).

Poor Colby, he was crying. He would point to his toe and say, "Ohh". We gave him his favorite blanket. Eventually, my legs were starting to shake from squatting that long. I was squatting trying to comfort him, while trying to hold the door in place so it didn't move at all. I had John try to hold the door for me so I could sit next to Colby. He was very shaky with the door (doesn't handle crisis very well we learned), so I took over.

The firemen finally showed up, did something to the hinges of the oven door and used a screwdriver to pry up the door. His toe was a tad swollen and red. We'll see in the near future if there is any damage to his nail as it grows.

Even though the firemen were the ones to release his toe, I can tell Colby is very grateful to me (even though I was the one that closed the door). He will come up to me and hug me and make his "uhh" noise (which with a hug means I love you in Colby language).

Do you think he learned his lesson? At times yes, he will come to the oven door say "oh" and point to his toe. But, there have already been times where he tries to climb it AGAIN!

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Nathan Pralle said...

Poor bugger! Wow, what an odd way to injure yourself and have to call in the professionals, eh? :) Let's hope Keston never gets that...creative.