Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Just a little difference

Of course there are lots of differences between boys and girls.
Today, I noticed just one of those differences between Chloe and Sammy.

When playing video games (which they like to do, whether it's their Nintendo DS or Wii), if their character dies, they both have different reactions.

Chloe will turn to me, smile and say, "Hah"! Like it's almost funny. Obviously, for her, it's just a game.

Now Sammy on the other hand, when his character dies, I think he feels the pain himself. There are times he will whine, start to cry, get mad. Never would he smile and say Hah! It's rare, but occasionally, he will announce that it's OK, he has more lives, but like I said, it's rare.

So, my girlie can blow it off like, Oh well. My boy gets frustrated and takes it too personal. Hhmm, can you tell which one of these two would be my emotional one? :)

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Anonymous said...

It is in the hair color. More sensitive boy.