Friday, December 11, 2009

Our Christmas Tree

I meant to upload a few pictures, but I haven't downloaded them from the camera yet.

Our Christmas tree was decorated by Lexi, she was in charge, and the rest of the kids. We sorted out all of the breakable ones, like the glass bulbs and left them in the boxes.

The tree was nicely, evenly covered in the ornaments. It looked nice! Notice I said "looked".

Colby is our destroyer. He has broke so many ornaments that I didn't think would break. He will snag an ornament off the tree and throw it as hard as he can and as high as he can into the middle of the tree. Most of the bottom branches are bent out of shape and missing ornaments. The strange thing is, I don't know where most of them are. I think he has stashed them somewhere. I walked out to the living room the other day and he was whacking the tree with his blanket.

How did I know the tree wouldn't do well in our house this year. Maybe the idea of hanging it upside down from the ceiling wouldn't have been so bad after all.

I guess we can only hope next year will be better! Maybe I'll post some before and after pictures once I get them on the computer.

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