Sunday, December 13, 2009

A split chin

When we were buying our table and chair set, we thought we were getting a great deal. They were at a real furniture store on clearance. The table is pretty good, very sturdy, probably too heavy. The chairs, we have found, were the reason the set was on clearance. They tip over way too easily.

Colby climbed up on the chair by Lexi's computer. He tipped it over backward and split his chin open. It's a tiny little cut. He was bleeding for a little bit, but he's such a trooper, he didn't cry very long.

Sitting on the couch with him tonight, I looked down at him and told him I loved him. He slipped his arm behind my back and leaned in close and said, mmmm, which meant he loved me too.

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Nathan Pralle said...

Aw. Cute. Keston doesn't say, "I love you" yet, although he hears it all the time, but we get snuggles and kisses nonetheless. And they're awesome.