Friday, January 29, 2010

Crying while sleeping

We went through it with Sam, now it's Chloe's turn I guess.

Night Terrors.
I know, it makes you get the heebie jeebies, the squeems. Well it makes me feel bad for my kids (unless I am super tired and I wake up to them screaming and trying to hit and kick me in my bed).

Chloe was sleeping probably for an hour or so tonight. We heard whimpering, but it almost sounded like sad music or something. Trying to find the noise, I peeked in her room and she was sleeping, sobbing and moaning. I made sure not to touch her. When we do, that sets her in full motion of screaming and kicking. It lasted a little while, then she was fine.

I hate that my kids don't have good dreams all of the time. She doesn't remember the bad dreams that throw her into the doozies, but she has been telling me that she has scary dreams.
Poor girlie.

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