Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dinner with George

I have made a big effort to cook more at home and spend less on fast food. Thankfully for me, John doesn't mind doing majority of our grocery shopping. He's much faster than I am. I'm a browser, a lookie-lou while he's speedy gonzalez. He sticks to the list while I get side tracked.

For Christmas, John bought me a George. I love it (except the cleaning of it - that sucks). I can cook 5-6 hamburgers on it at once. It's amazing (and gross) to see all of the nasties dripping off of it.

We had breakfast for dinner the other night and I even cooked our french toast on it, which was so much faster than the griddle I usually use.

I've been making lots of dinners at home, affordable ones too. It's so much nicer to have a home cooked meal and know that I'm saving some money. I'm always up for some suggestions of what I can make! hint hint.

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Debie said...

Kabobs are easy to make on it! We have done that quite a bit. You can make panini's too. Easy and easy to clean up. We need to get ours out and use again.