Saturday, January 2, 2010

More of Christmas

I'll start with the Christmas Eve jammies. They weren't Christmas themed this year. I had a hard time finding pj's for the kids. Lexi's were probably too skimpy (especially for winter time) and Chloe's will probably fit her better next Christmas. Colby loved his though. We call them his man jammies.
So, here's the kids in the hallway waiting to come out to see what Santa left for them. Notice Colby on the ground crying. He perked right out of it when he saw his car.
The aftermath of it all. It didn't take long for Lexi to lay on the ground. Next thing you know Sammy was laying under the table. Colby was still happy in his car. I'm not sure where Chloe was. I even looked through the pictures and didn't see her in any. I know she was there, all of her gifts were opened :)

Here's a closer shot of Chloe's cute baby doll. It's blurry, darn camera ~ couldn't be the photographer, has to be the camera!

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Anonymous said...

So happy to see the pics of the kids. They all look so happy. Tired but happy!