Saturday, January 2, 2010

Santa came to our house!

Guess my kiddos were on the nice list this year. We have these elves that I've bought over the years. They are the cutest elves ever made & yes, I'm happy to say that I am the proud owner of four of them. We have a little story about Santa and the elves.

When Santa arrives at our house, he sprinkles some magic dust. The magic dust makes the elves come to life while Santa is there. They tell him whether or not the kids made it on the nice list and they let Santa know what the kids want him to leave them. They will know if the elves come to life or not. In the morning when they wake up, if the elves talked to Santa, then they always are in a different spot.
This year, when the kids woke up, the elves were sitting on the couch, each holding one of the kids stockings. Their stockings were filled with the normal goodies: candy, little toys, toothbrushes and of course makeup for Lexi. The kids all went through their stockings before wanting to open their presents. The kids all received a stuffed puppy alongside their stockings. I'm pretty sure Santa got a super good deal on them from the Hallmark store, probably only paying $1.50 each :)

Santa left each of them an unwrapped gift also. They each were happy to see what he brought. Lexi got a camera and a scarf, Sammy the bike and helmet he had asked for, Chloe the cutest baby doll in a crib with a highchair and Colby a Little Tykes car.
Tomorrow I'll fill you on their reactions and post some pictures of the kids. But, for now, I'm off to try to win some more prizes online!


Julia G said...

I was trying to have a closer look at your photo of the stockings (they look so cute!) but when I right-clicked it said Don't even think about it Bud!
LOL - how do you lock your photos? I should probably do that for my blog.
Sounds like a great Christmas for you and the kids! I always knew Santa came to my house when he'd eaten his cookies and the reindeer had eaten the carrots we'd left out.

RachelV said...

I'll have to find the link that shows the code to put in to disable the right click feature. Unfortunately, I don't think all of my pictures get locked. There are some when I click on them, it pulls up to a different page. I don't really know what I'm doing with all of the technical stuff, so I just have to leave it as is.

Thanks for stopping by :)

Anonymous said...

Hi auntie Rachel! My mom said i can go on here cute pics!! bye

Anonymous said...

Hi!! It is Isabella! Thank you for helping me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bye