Monday, January 4, 2010

Once more, more Christmas

These are pictures of Chloe at the Christmas tree lighting ceremony and Sam at his Elf Christmas program at school.

Here's two pictures of our Christmas crafts we did with the kids. We made snowball soaps out of grated up Ivory soap bars. I won't be making those again. The kids got kinda messy with them.

Then we covered styrofoam balls with gumdrops. I love the way they look when they covered tightly in them. They hold up also. I have a larger one that I made a few years back. We pull it out and hang it on our fan/light at Christmastime. I love it! The ball without any gumdrops is Sams creation. He did have gumdrops on most of his, but then decided he liked the "spikey ball" better.


Anonymous said...

I love your blog auntie Rachel! Love,

Debie said...

I say the soap balls are a good idea. Easy way to keep them clean.

As for the gum drop balls, mine would look like Sam's as I would eat them all off. Great ideas!!