Thursday, February 25, 2010

Where's Colby?

Before I hopped in the shower this morning, Colby was pretty upset.

When I got out, I got dressed like usual and when I finally came out of my bedroom, I realized it was awfully quiet. Chloe was playing nick jr. on the computer. I asked her where's Colby? She looked like she could care less and said I don't know.

I went to his room, I'm calling his name, I checked every room, every normal hiding spot. Then I glanced towards the couch, he was sleeping on the floor. Poor Colbs. He was tired and cranky and he put himself to sleep.

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Nathan Pralle said...

Awww...! It's kinda sweet when they do that, Keston's done it a few times, but then you bad like, "I didn't know you were THAT tired, buddy!" But he IS cute, so...

Be nice if we could ALL do that if we felt cranky!